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change is an inside-out job

Everything is Connected

Have you heard that phrase? It's often used by body workers or yoga teachers. The same applies to life: If you're unhappy at work, odds are good that  dissatisfaction is spilling into the rest of your life. I help clients address their whole selves. If you want more from your life—and your self—it may be time to slow down, dig deep, and get support.

Find Resonance at Work and in Life


Are you seeking a new career direction that's aligned with your larger purpose? Do you feel like you're sleepwalking (metaphorically speaking) in your current role? Is your job more than you signed up for but you're scared to make waves by talking frankly with your manager? If you want to take a step in changing these situations, you've come to the right place.

About Wendy Edelstein, CPCC, PCC, MA


I help professionals find resonate new careers or navigate the challenges at their current workplace. I strongly believe that you deserve work that brings you satisfaction and that enables you to tap into your gifts and talents. If you want to change your career or just take it to the next level, call me today.

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Complimentary Breakthrough Session 

During this free introductory session, you'll get a sense of coaching and what it's like to work with me. We'll spend about 30 minutes talking by phone to see if we have a good fit. Regardless of whether it's a "yes" or "no," you'll receive value from our time together.

I look forward to meeting you. 

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