About Wendy Edelstein, CPCC, PCC, MA

 When I asked some past clients to describe me, they used these words: Perceptive, encouraging, truthful, wise, kind, and collaborative. 

Supporting  people to cultivate their potential not only lights me up but is also one of my strengths. As I see it, my job as your coach is to help you envision what is possible—especially when you get tangled up in self-doubt or the sense that you’re an imposter in your own life (you’re not!). 

I love to find out what makes you inimitably you. Once we take ownership of what makes each of us unique, we’re able to operate with all pistons firing and to take our gifts out into the world. We feel good and we do good. I will help you align with your values and larger purpose so that you can reach your goals.

Other useful info about me: I’m a thinker and an introvert. I’m a lifelong learner. Much of my life that’s meant a lot of personal inquiry/development. I came to coaching after a career in communications and it’s a path that fits and one which I’m grateful to tread. I trained and was certified at the Co-Active Training Institute and am credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In addition to my coach training, I hold a masters degree in instructional design from San Francisco State University and a BA in English literature and creative writing from University of Wisconsin/Madison.