Changeover Coaching

career and personal transformation coaching

About Wendy Edelstein, CPCC, PCC, MA

After a career in communications, I trained at the internationally renowned Coach Training Institute (CTI) based in San Rafael, California. With CTI’s methodology and tools, I help clients shift limiting beliefs and perspectives, enabling them to tap into their inner wisdom and strength to achieve the outcomes they desire.

I love empowering others and helping them connect with their gifts, values, and purpose. Each of us has our own special blend of gifts. As a coach, I’m able to use my intuition, insight, experience, and wisdom to enable clients to make healthier choices—which delights the hell out of me.

I’m an athlete (a recreational tennis player), a lifelong learner, and a native Midwesterner. I’m down to earth and practice transparency and vulnerability. In addition to my coach training, I hold a masters degree in instructional design from San Francisco State University and a BA in English literature and creative writing from University of Wisconsin/Madison.